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Insta Page

Product Name Instapage - Landing page marketing made simple Company Website: https://instapage.com/   Year Founded: 2012 LinkedIn: Instapage Twitter:@Instapage Facebook: ...
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Product Name Curated - Grow your audience by sharing truly engaging content weekly Company Website: http://curated.co/   Year Founded: 2015 ...
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Content Idea Generator

Product Name Content Idea Generator - kick start your inspiration Company Website: https://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker   Year Founded: 2015 LinkedIn: NA Twitter: @Portent ...
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Product Name MyEffecto - Instant Visual Feedback Company Website: http://www.myeffecto.com/   Year Founded: 2015 LinkedIn: NA Twitter:@MyEffecto Facebook: myeffecto Creator(s) ...
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Product Name Landy - Track and compare Your Variation's Performance Carefully & Precisely Company Website: https://landy.io   Year Founded: 2016 ...
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Startup Validator

Product Name Startup Validator - Check if your startup's name is available on the web! Company Website: http://startupvalidator.net/ | http://karlcoelho.com/ Year ...
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