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MattMeet Matt Davison from Onlinegusto in South Africa.


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Matt SEO Background

You have been doing SEO for…
Less than 1 Year

Do you do
White Hat

You have your own content marketing in house?

You do Link Building in House?

Time to be humble..
  • Your Link Building Skills: 4
  • Your content Marketing Skills: 5
  • Your SEO Strategy Skills: 5
  • Your Local SEO Skills: 3
  • Your Penalty Recovery Skills: N/A
  • Your Site Audit Skills: 5
  • Your Ecommerce SEO Skills: 4
  • Your Corporate SEO Skills: 4
  • Your International SEO Skills (languages): 4
  • Your Google Analytics Skills: 4

Are you …
You do a bit of all

Who is your Average Client
Small Business Owner, Medium to Large Companies, Affiliate Marketers, Other SEO companies, Ecommerce Sites

Your average client spends around..
$500 to $1000 per month

How do you communicate with your clients
Over the Phone, Email, Face to Face, Skype, Slack

What makes your SEO biz different?
I managed up to 6 travel sites built with different platforms and do extensive testing. I rely on my own experiments and not those of others.

I know what works from extensive trying different methods and testing with isolated conditions and variables.

What Services do you offer?
Link building


What makes a Good SEO? (don’t give me a crappy answer)

A good SEO takes action. a great SEO documents those actions, the best SEO’s analyze those documents and take further action on those findings. Always be testing

What is your opinion about Private Link Networks?

Seldom use them. Not something I like to use

What are your favorite 3 ASO Tools

My site has been penalized. How do I recover?

Reconsider request.

What is the best thing of being an SEO?

The competitiveness of it.
I sell air, well i sell cleints, its kinda like air

Where do you see SEO going in the next 2 years?

Whitehat. Content will win.

Who do you Admire in the SEO Industry?

Brain Dean

How many SEOs it takes to change a lightbulb

None we change rankings

How did you achieved your first SEO client?

I was intern and learnt

The most important factor in SEO in 2016 is??

I was intern and learnt

What is your best SEO advice for a new/rookie SEO professional?

Get deep in analytics and optimizations.. Take action

Where do you see the SEO industry heading in the next years?

Up, up and up

What is your view about Private Link Networks

Up, up and up

What is your best tip for awesome content marketing?

Spend 20% creating, 80% promoting

How do you measure the ROI of SEO?

Qualified Leads 🙂 and $$$$$$

What type of clients you Don’t Take?

Fussy ones and adult.

What is the most stupid question any client has ever asked you?

Most are stupid

What has been the most significant SEO Algorithm Update?

For me… Mobilegeddon

You have $1000 to invest in SEO, where do you start?

For me… Mobilegeddon

Is SEO the right solution for all sites? Yes/No/why not

No, some products and services dont have the search volume or people are not aware it exists.

Ecommerce SEO . What are the challenges?

Unique content and rel canonical

Client wants to Rank for Yahoo and Bing. your answer is?


Define an SEO Cowboy?

Ryan from Webris

Define Grey Hat and your view about it

Automation SEO. I dont like is, but sometimes it needs to be done

Google: Fair? Villain? The Enemy?

Depends on my ranking.

Best strategy for Local Ranking?

Citations and press is local town/city news site

Favorite Resource to learn SEO?

Funny enough, Facebook.

What has been your biggest SEO mistake?

Not tracking enough

The SEO world is a Jungle. what Animal defines you?


Who should we invite to Join the Jungle?

Michael Poznev

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