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lukasz rogalaMeet Lukasz Rogala from SEO Consulting Lukasz Rogala in Poland.


Your Twitter Handle

Facebook URL

Linkedin Profile

Other Social Profile

Your SEO Background

You have been doing SEO for…
more than 5 years (you are old aren’t you?)

Do you do
Grey Hat

You have your own content marketing in house?

You do Link Building in House?

Time to be humble.. (1 is crappy – 5 is awesome)
  • Your Link Building Skills: 4
  • Your content Marketing Skills: 4
  • Your SEO Strategy Skills: 5
  • Your Local SEO Skills: 3
  • Your Penalty Recovery Skills: 5
  • Your Site Audit Skills: 5
  • Your Ecommerce SEO Skills: 5
  • Your Corporate SEO Skills: 5
  • Your International SEO Skills: (languages) 4
  • Your Google Analytics Skills: 4

Are you …
SEO Consultant

Who is your Average Client
Small Business Owner, Medium to Large Companies, Corporate clients, Ecommerce Sites

Your average client spends around..
$500 to $1000 per month

How do you communicate with your clients
Face to Face, Over the Phone, Skype, Email

What makes your SEO biz different?
I work deep beyond the overall business website. I try to understand the business model and creat perfect media/search mix.

What Services do you offer?
Link building, Content Marketing, Paid traffic, Copyrighting, Onsite SEO, International SEO


You need to answer at least 5 questions… Short answers are for loosers

What makes a Good SEO? (don’t give me a crappy answer)

There are 3 main points about good SEO:

1. Stay in touch with client. Don’t bull shit them about the job. Show what you do and why. They have to understand the work to be sure you are expert. Be a partner for your client.
2. Always work with data. Check traffic, use it for on-site recommendations. Stay proactive.
3. Show links you are doing. Talk about them.

What is your opinion about Private Link Networks?

I use some of them for my own affiliate websites. I still build some them but they are doing way more than just pass link juice. 🙂 For example they are great as a source of leads in finance/insurance/loans niches.

What are your favorite 3 ASO Tools

App Annie, App Mind and Excel. 😉

My site has been penalized. How do I recover?

1. Check what was the cause of recovery (match the pattern).
2. If it is related to links – manual penalty – work on link detox. Look for patterns and disavow them. Meanwhile think about new source of backlinks.
3. If it is onsite related penalty – especially panda/thin content – go deep with audit. Use data and create great, fresh website.

What is the best thing of being an SEO?

I feel like a detective who looks for a solution on a case. In my whole SEO life – there were never two same cases!

Where do you see SEO going in the next 2 years?

More mobile and content marketing but based on data and personalization.

Who do you Admire in the SEO Industry?

Bill Slawski for deep research on Google patents

How many SEOs it takes to change a lightbulb

…a light bulb, lightbulb, light, bulb, lamp, lighting, switch, sex, xxx, hardcore

How did you achieved your first SEO client?

By Facebook. Staying active and helping for free.

The most important factor in SEO in 2016 is??

Content with links (but less is more!)

What is your best SEO advice for a new/rookie SEO professional?

Start with AdWords to get money for other SEO tests.

Where do you see the SEO industry heading in the next years?

More analytics.

What is your view about Private Link Networks

If they aren’t made only for spam but for some other activities – they rock!

What is your best tip for awesome content marketing?

Start with keyword/topic research and content rewritement on your own website.

How do you measure the ROI of SEO?

Cost of traffic.

What type of clients you Don’t Take?

Position-based paying.

What is the most stupid question any client has ever asked you?

Why does it cost so much?

What has been the most significant SEO Algorithm Update?

Penguin. Definitely.

You have $1000 to invest in SEO, where do you start?

On-site audit and content strategy followed by some strong links.

Is SEO the right solution for all sites? Yes/No/why not

Nope. Some websites are only brand/corporate bullshit so it’s hard to do something.

Ecommerce SEO . What are the challenges?

Provide traffic that will work for you and help you sell.

Client wants to Rank for Yahoo and Bing. your answer is?

If you are not from US – don’t even think about it.

Define an SEO Cowboy?

Guy who rides on few achievements only but thinks he can rule the world.

Define Grey Hat and your view about it

A good guy who stays real about link building.

Google: Fair? Villain? The Enemy?

I like to call Google a “frienemy”, mostly because it is part friendly and part enemy. Why? As a SEO Specialist in my current job we work close with Google in other channels (paid) but we notice that after they made an Alphabet they wan’t to get clients by themselves.

Best strategy for Local Ranking?

Give some food for puppies or donation for local event.

Favorite Resource to learn SEO?

I like to make own tests. Or test stuff with clients.

What has been your biggest SEO mistake?

Working too long on not so worthly SEO case.

The SEO world is a Jungle. what Animal defines you?

I’m not sure what you will get after mixing wolf, fox and an owl but it looks like that depends on situation

Who should we invite to Join the Jungle?

Everybody. Or blackhats. Yes blackhats. They can share their PoV in a great way.

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