How To Drive traffic to your Shopify store using Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that’s built on shareable photos that feed our eyes to covet, hoard and categorize. For online consumers, it’s a place to hunt, gather, and shop. For Shopify owners, it’s a goldmine

If you are a Shopify owner, there are many ways to maximize your efforts on Pinterest, including choosing your images, running contests, and engaging with your followers. We’ve compiled some cool ideas to add to your Pinterest marketing strategy today, see below:

  1. Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins contain useful information right inside the pin. This can be information about your products such as price or stock availability. This is used to improve CTR and discoverability, as it makes them eligible for Pinterest’s curated feeds.

  1. Pin Wisely

Quality over quantity applies to just about anything. Same goes with Pinterest. Quantity matters for the sake of consistency – you can pin all your new products, engage users more, keep it fresh and exciting. Knowing what types of photos work best on Pinterest is critical.

When shooting and choosing photos, make sure that are Repinnable. Keep it anonymous (Images without faces receive 25%+- more Repins than those with faces).


Choose colors wisely, and more importantly, make sure that the size of your images are at least 600 px wide with the optimal Pin width being 736 pixels wide.

Also pay attention to your analytics, either through your Pinterest business tools or via other apps (Piqora or Curalate).

Timing is also important. You should pin and engage when your at around 2-4pm or 8-11pm. These are the best times to Pin, but it can depend on where you or you customers are located.

  1. Sell the Lifestyle

Inspire your audience. Create beautiful boards around lifestyle themes rather than just product . It is essential that you understand your customers and know the kind of content that they want.

  1. Run Pinterest Contests


Running a contest can increase your user engagement on Pinterest. Just make sure that you pay attention to Pinterest’s contest guidelines.

If done well, running a contest can drive or boost sales and traffic for your Shopify website.

Contest tips:

  • Be creative.
  • Make it all Worth it
  • Get Inspired.
  • Use an App like, Wishpond or Woobox to host a contest
  1. Engage Your Audience


Involving your audience can help increase your user engagement. You can form Group Boards and invite anyone to join. Give your contributors a chance to become one of your brand ambassadors who create content on your behalf.

You may also encourage your audience to share their own images with your products. It is proven to be a useful strategy for fashion brands.

So, how do you use Pinterest to engage your customers and boost traffic to your Shopify store? Share your tips in the comments below.

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