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Dino-Gomez-red-shirt-320x513Meet Dino Gomez from Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. in United States.


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Dino Background

You have been doing SEO for…
more than 5 years (you are old aren’t you?)

Do you do
Grey Hat

You have your own content marketing in house?

You do Link Building in House?

Time to be humble..
  • Your Link Building Skills: 4
  • Your content Marketing Skills: 4
  • Your SEO Strategy Skills: 5
  • Your Local SEO Skills: 5
  • Your Penalty Recovery Skills: N/A
  • Your Site Audit Skills: 4
  • Your Ecommerce SEO Skills: N/A
  • Your Corporate SEO Skills: 5
  • Your International SEO Skills (languages): 5
  • Your Google Analytics Skills: 3

Are you…
SEO Consultant

Who is your Average Client
Small Business Owner, Medium to Large Companies

Your average client spends around..
$2000 to $5000 per month

How do you communicate with your clients
Over the Phone, Email

What makes your SEO biz different?

We develop long term client relationships and focus on web traffic. We provide a custom SEO strategy based on the most profitable services and products of our clients.

What Services do you offer?

Link building, Onsite SEO, International SEO


What makes a Good SEO? (don’t give me a crappy answer)

An experienced one.

What is the best thing of being an SEO?

Time freedom and opportunity. At any one moment you can discover a niche or partner with a new client that will dramatically change your living situation and lifestyle.

What is your best SEO advice for a new/rookie SEO professional?

Take Action & work to rank your own website for a low competition keyword. But most importantly find a mentor.

How do you measure the ROI of SEO?

Online visibility, web traffic, online sales vs. SEO spend.

You have $1000 to invest in SEO, where do you start?

Competitive analysis.

Define Grey Hat and your view about it

Using strategies that are proven to work within a particular target market. These may not be strategies Google directly recommends but their algorithm isn’t perfect. Thus you must rely on what Google is directly rewarding per industry.

Best strategy for Local Ranking?

Google My Business & Bing verification, 50 more citations than your top competitor, consistent NAP across local directories, listing in the 4 major data aggregators, a customer review strategy, schema markup, and a geo specific link building campaign.

Favorite Resource to learn SEO?

My testing lab and personal websites.

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