CRM Tools Review

CRM tools reviews and comparison .

Shopify it’s vital for our e-commerce strategies but in many cases we need a customer relationship management tool or CRM to help us step it up to the next level, at Shopihunt we love to review tools and here are some of our favourite CRM tools you should consider.


Product Name StoryCRM - Get your whole team on the same page. Company Website:   Year Founded: 2015 LinkedIn: ...
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Product Name Funnel - Simple Online CRM Company Website:   Year Founded: 2015 LinkedIn: NA Twitter:@Funnelnow Facebook: NA Creator(s) ...
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Product Name - CRM that understands B2B Sales Company Website:   Year Founded: 2013 LinkedIn: NA Twitter:@closeio Facebook: ...
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Product Name: Intercom - Sufficient Customer Messaging Tool Company Website: Year Founded: 2011 LinkedIn: Intercom Twitter: @intercom Facebook: Intercom ...
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