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Ann SEO Background

You have been doing SEO for…

more than 5 years (you are old aren’t you?)

Do you do
White Hat

You have your own content marketing in house?

You do Link Building in House?

Time to be humble..
  • Your Link Building Skills: 4
  • Your content Marketing Skills: 5
  • Your SEO Strategy Skills: 4
  • Your Local SEO Skills: 3
  • Your Penalty Recovery Skills: 3
  • Your Site Audit Skills: 4
  • Your Ecommerce SEO Skills: 3
  • Your Corporate SEO Skills: 4
  • Your International SEO Skills (languages): 4
  • Your Google Analytics Skills: 4

Are you …
SEO company

Who is your Average Client
Small Business Owner

Your average client spends around..
$2000 to $5000 per month

How do you communicate with your clients
Skype, Email

What makes your SEO biz different?
I only do for my clients what I do for myself. I am not trying to do everything. I specialize in content marketing and I don’t attempt to be something for everyone.

What Services do you offer?
Content Marketing


What makes a Good SEO? (don’t give me a crappy answer)

Years of experience, perfectionism, responsibility.

What is your opinion about Private Link Networks?

Never did them; never recommended getting involved in one

My site has been penalized. How do I recover?

If you have a pretty old site with lost of backlinks, I’d refrain from trying to do anything by yourself. You’ll lose years of your life trying to figure out. I’d approach experts like Jim Boykin for help.

What is the best thing of being an SEO?

Working from anywhere: I love the freedom to travel where I want when I want.

Where do you see SEO going in the next 2 years?

It’s getting more and more integrated in everything else (content, design, usability), so it’s becoming more “marketing” now. It’s where it is now and that’s what will keep happening in 2 years.

Who do you Admire in the SEO Industry?

Jim Boykin

How did you achieved your first SEO client?

I was just building my own site and people liked what they saw and came knocking my door. I never did any outreach or had to look for clients.

The most important factor in SEO in 2016 is??

Same as it was in 2015: Backlinks

What is your best SEO advice for a new/rookie SEO professional?

When searching for help online, pay attention to the year of an article or a forum thread. While the basic principle of SEO has remained the same for years, the tactics have changed a lot

What is your best tip for awesome content marketing?

Write as though you’ll publish it on your blog and sign your name under it. Don’t look for cookie-cutter tactics: Get creative!

What type of clients you Don’t Take?

Those who ask when they will be #1 for their core term…

What has been the most significant SEO Algorithm Update?

Panda update: The beginning of an end of weak useless content

You have $1000 to invest in SEO, where do you start?

Invest in great-looking user-friendly website and top-notch expert content (FAQ, glossaries, research ever-green articles, etc. etc). No reason to invest in anything else until you have the solid foundation.

Is SEO the right solution for all sites? Yes/No/why not

Yes, but not the only one

Ecommerce SEO . What are the challenges?

Duplicate content between many similar product listings, getting links to product pages…

Client wants to Rank for Yahoo and Bing. your answer is?

Same as for Google: Build the solid content foundation first, get ingenious in getting others to link to it then

Define Grey Hat and your view about it

Pretty much any SEO who calls himself a White Hat…

Google: Fair? Villain? The Enemy?

Google is mostly a fair villain… Google is the major source of traffic and leads, it’s why SEOs exists. It cannot be an enemy by definition…

Favorite Resource to learn SEO?

What has been your biggest SEO mistake?

The SEO world is a Jungle. what Animal defines you?

a Jungle cat

Who should we invite to Join the Jungle?

David Harry

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